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Six years later

After getting nudged by zztzed  today, to prove him wrong I figured I'd write a brief post here. One every six years should be enough.

Hmmm, so what's happened since my last post in June 2002, in roughly chronological order ...
Ummm, that's pretty much it I guess. I haven't touched MZX/ZZT (nmiaow) in many years, though occasionally I'll get a game idea or an urge to create something ... just hasn't actually happened yet, and may never happen at all. Oh, I did an interview with cly5m on his site awhile back for his ZZT interviews thing.

Bai! :)

(Edit: There, I fixed all the links.)

(Edit #2: In case anyone cares, I found an incomplete copy of Darkness 3, which was a collaborative effort between Clint Neilson (aka Monthigos) and myself back in 1998 which was never released. DL it to revel in its strange unfinished glory. Or don't.)
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