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What Video Game Character Are You? I am the Intellivision Blackjack Dealer.I am the Intellivision Blackjack Dealer.

I am a diligent worker who's most likely working in an office somewhere now. Good with numbers, bright enough to see my way clear through any situation, I'm commited to my work. Others may not trust me, but I'm always fair and honest. Except for that ace up my sleeve, but again, that's just part of doing my job. What Video Game Character Are You?

The Intellivision was my first video game system. It rocked. ;)

In other news, I am fully moved into my summer res room ... it's a lot bigger than my old one. If you want I posted some pics of my room for my mom to see and you can see 'em too ... http://www.dosgames.com/room/. Whee! :)
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