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Thank you Mario - Oh! Daisy


Moving BACK into residence on Wednesday. That's for summer semester. Apparently I've moved up from 176 to 115 on the waiting list for fall semester. Well whooptyshit! Heh that's what I should've said to the person I talked to on the phone when I called to ask about my residence status. "You're currently 115th on the waiting list. // Well ... whooooooptySHIT! // *long silence*"

Ahem. Yeah, I installed Cygwin. Seems to work okay ...

Why is it that the theater where I want to see Spiderman is like the only theater anywhere that apparently isn't showing it?! I think I'd better phone and ask in case their stupid ghetto 1998-era designed website is wrong.

I'm wondering if Pimsleur Quick & Simple Chinese : Cantonese [ABRIDGED] is worth purchasing. It's 4 CDs that are supposed to help you learn some basic Chinese. If I'm serious about learning Chinese (which I'm not sure I have the ability, time, etc. to do properly) I should really get the full, non-abridged version, but that's an insane $241.50US while the abridged is a much less insane $13.97. Although that's exaclty why I'm worried I won't learn a damn thing from the cheap version. Grrr.

Mmmmm whatever is cooking for dinner smells good ... one of the many perks of living at home, at least one meal a day is taken care of. Yay homecooking!

I shouldn't listen to DC. It gets me sad ... these are the lyrics I would write if I was in any way in touch with my emotions ... able to articulate how I feel, let's say.

I prefer to articulate myself nonverbally, via songs I write. Of course I don't let anyone hear them. ^_^ *rolls eyes* I think I've been doing better lately though, since I got Impulse Tracker working in XP via VDMSound. I've been aiming to write music that could be used in an RPG, rather than just randomly writing whatever I feel like. Seems to be helping a bit, although I still haven't FINISHED any new songs. Old habits die hard ... start many projects, finish none. :)

Oh yes, almost forgot ... GO LEAFS GO!. That is all.
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