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Hehe, my friend sent me the nicest email. She rocks!

Thus I am in a good mood. Yay!

I'm going to try to brush up on my C programming skills (or lack thereof) during the brief interval between the Winter and Spring semesters, so maybe this time I will be able to pass CIS*2450. (Link is to last year's webpage.)

This computer's fan(s) are too noisy. I think I'll have to buy cheaper ones. Yeah, that's the ticket. After all I'm saving $2000 by not buying a laptop. ;)

I've been reading The Mouse Driver Chronicles. It's pretty good, but it feels kind of streched out. Like, the guy finished the book and it was only 150 pages, so he had to stretch it out a bit to an even 250. But it's still very interesting. I need to get more books on entrepreneurship.
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