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So for the last three days, my computer has refused to turn on ... and I've had to open it up, fiddle with things, and keep trying until it works. Today, same thing ... and finally I got it going, it booted to Windows, and I turned it right side up (it was laying on its side as I worked). It locked up. I was like, "Ooooookay." So I experimented, and it turns on when it's on its side, but not when it's right-side up. (ATX case) When it's right-side up the power/HD lights come on, there's a few HD noises, but then it just freezes with nothing on the screen and with both lights on. Quite annoying! So currently I am typing this with my $&@&%@%@&^!@*)#%!#^@ PC lying on it's side on the )(*#&%#*%^@ floor.

I am also computer shopping ... ;) I would of course love a Voodoo but since that would run me $4000CDN easy I think I'll have to go with a non-cool-looking option. I want a BOXED computer this time, from a name brand company, not "Joe's Discount Computer Outlet" (fictitious name) ie. some little computer shop around the corner. I want a warranty! So I was thinking about Gateway because they seem to be able to give me a good price on what I want, ie:
P4 1.5-2.0 (doesn't really matter)
256 ram
ATI Radeon (this seems to be the difficult part, not many offer this)
SB sound (whatever)

Suggestions? That won't leave me broke?! :)

*sigh* Of course this happens when I have so much work to do ... midterms Monday, Thurs, Fri, and assignments due Thurs and Fri as well. ARGH! Plus I have been more consumed with feelings of self-loathing lately than usual. Hmmm.

Went to the residence "semi-formal" last weekend ... it was okay. I actually danced, albeit briefly. (And after 5 or 6 drinks, hehe. I don't drink often, but when I do I am not a cheap drunk.) I basically only went because the girls in my suite wanted me to go ... bah. I had to get a suit, which was expensive, but I guess I'll need to have a suit eventually anyways .............

Hmmm. Yay pointlessness. Oh yeah, seriously, if you have computer advice (any idea what the problem with this computer might be?) or suggestions on where I should buy from (I'd want to order online and be able to customize) I'd appreciate it ...

Also ...

Valentine's Day is approaching ... *dun dun dun* ^_^ But I'll save that rant for later ... ;)
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